Who are we?

Bas Tukker (born 1978) is responsible for collecting all information and picture material, for doing the interviews, and writing the biographies. He studied Latin and Greek, earning a Ph.D. in Latin literature in 2006. Bas has been a teacher at a grammar school in Breda (Netherlands) since 1999. From his childhood onwards, he has had an unhealthy fascination for the Eurovision Song Contest and especially for the Eurovision orchestra.

Edwin van Gorp (born 1970) designed the website and is responsible for maintaining it technically. He works as an information technology specialist. Edwin is a Eurovision expert in his own right, earning the crown ‘Eurovision Connoisseur of the 20th Century’ in a nationwide TV show in the Netherlands in 1999. Between 2002 and 2012, he was the president of the Eurovision Artists Foundation (www.eurovisionartists.nl).

Tin Španja (born 1985) is responsible for creating the videos used in the conductors’ biographies as well as for the promotional video on the front page. Tin, who studied Culture, Society, and History of South-Eastern Europe at Oslo’s University, works as a bookseller in Norway’s capital. He also is the driving force behind the ESC Live Music campaign at www.esclivemusic.com.